• Applicants must be 18-years of age or older and a resident in Georgia. FIG cannot fund student films at this time.

  • This is specifically for short films: documentary, narrative, animated, experimental, any and all qualify. The definition of a short film is any project with a run-time not exceeding 40 minutes.

  • Funds must specifically be used for the process of completing the short film discussed, which may include writing, shooting and editing once story and characters are in place.

  • Applicants must own the copyright of their production, and have artistic, budgetary and editorial control over their project.

  • Applicants who have not yet produced or directed their own short film should demonstrate that they will be working with an experienced filmmaker in a principal role if they cannot show a previous body of work.

What we are looking for

  • Creative, artful, compelling and innovative storytelling techniques.

  • Strong story narrative at the core of the film.

  • A unique perspective or approach, use of humor a plus, a “southern” voice.

  • Feasibility of the project with respect to its budget, financing, schedule and scope.

  • Grant amount should have significant impact on production stage of the project.

  • Emphasis on the story, not the lesson or agenda of the filmmaker.

  • A filmmaker that can fully communicate the vision of the film to us.


  • Film Impact Georgia will pay the Filmmaker 100% of the $5000 in cash upon receipt of a signed contract. Filmmaker guarantees they can and will return a personal or company W9 in a timely manner and agrees to be responsible for any Local, State or Federal taxes. Payments will be reported to the IRS by Film Impact Georgia.

  • Film Impact Georgia may contact the applicant with questions about the proposal.

  • Filmmaker must have a plan on how they will use the money and agrees to ensure the use of funds as outlined in the submitted proposal.

  • Film Impact Georgia support must be acknowledged with a logo–of similar size and stature to other logos in the credits. The Filmmaker agrees to furnish documentation during and at the end of your project, including but not limited to photographs, letters of support, evaluations, press clippings, etc. Grantees must submit at the end of the grant period an edited piece that can be used for future grant promotions and fundraising.

  • The Filmmaker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Film Impact Georgia and its sub-contractors against all liabilities and claims, costs and expenses that the Filmmaker may incur in the performance of these services.

  • Film Impact Georgia will make all efforts to discuss the Filmmaker’s needs and connect them with a mentor that works for their project. If they are unsuccessful, the due diligence relieves Film Impact Georgia of their responsibilities in this regard.

  • FIG reserves the right at any time during the process to disqualify a filmmaker at their discretion with no explanation. In the event that the project is prevented by force mejure, physical disability or any cause beyond reasonable control, contractor and Film Impact Georgia shall be relieved of their responsibilities as outlined above.

Additional Notes

  • To ensure you receive communications regarding your application, please add to your "safe list" through your email provider. 

  • You will receive an email from FIG confirming your submission, along with a copy of these guidelines. If you do not receive this email within the week, please contact

  • If you experience issues with the application, please let us know and feel free to reach out.

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